Recently I posted a photo of my daughter on my IG page LWSkincare. Didn’t think anything of it – she looked stunning before with clear, hydrated skin and a great even completion; and right next to that picture was a full makeup shot. You can see here how beautiful she looks in both photos, right?

What wasn’t so obvious was that I would gain 200 followers. In one day- from that one single picture. So ya, I’ll just be over here jumping up and down because the day before I ended a campaign of  7 daily giveaways, and gained a small  200 ish  followers- that’s a week- working it hard on the IG!  Anyone else thinking that’s a little crazy?

Some thought the picture  was photoshoped – Can you say Compliment? 

People want BETTER skin so they can LOOK and FEEL amazing IN makeup- and WITHOUT makeup!   I’ve been working on skin every day, helping hundreds of clients and now with the stats  to back it up on IG, I can definitely see  you truly want to have the same results!

So let’s get right into what makes better skin as a whole, whether you chose to wear makeup or not!

1.Proper Skin Care. 

Biggest Fan. Ever. Now if that means Walmart, Target or a pharmecuetical line (I prefer Glymed just incase you were wondering)  you should be washing your skin every morning and night, hydrating with a water or oil based moisturizer according to your skin type, using masques if you need extra moisture content, exfoliating once a week, and  here’s the Mother of them ALL, don’t you dare skimp on the SPF – every day, EVEN in the winter- got it? If you need help with chosing the right skincare, ask a Licensed Esthetician (Me) – we specialize in helping you love your skincare. Because if you don’t, you should!

2. Dermaplaining 

 Now I understand that Dermaplaning can be expensive if done consistently. But one of the greatest benefits is exfoliated, hairless skin, and who doesn’t want that everyday? If you’re wondering what exactly Dermaplaining is, simply put, it’s a medical grade #10 blade which is turned on a 45 degree angle and is used to make little strokes across the skin, removing velous hair which is almost invisible but still there, and lots and lots of dead skin. It’s the best and deepest exfoliator – the next level would be a chemical peel. Demaplaning gives an instant glow, because now there’s no shadow or excessive  dead skin, and this quick little treatment even reduces fine lines around the mouth and eyes- Bonus! Plus, it helps makeup application go on smoother and gets your skin care product sink deeper into the epidermis because it doesn’t have to sit ontop of layer after layer of thick dead skin! Now that’s something to tell your BFF  about!

3.Regular Enzyme/Chemical Peels

Why? And what exactly are those? Without drowning you in details, both exfoliate. Both brighten and tighten your skin. Comparing peels to running a race, enzymes would be a 5K and Chemical Peels would be a 1/2-Full Marathon. You can do a 5K quick and easy- some preparation, no biggie. No downtime- you could do one every week!  On the otherhand, Marathons require commitment, qualifying, planning, and major time to recouperate, depending on the type of marathon, location, etc. 

Enzyme peels chew away at dead skin (imagine PackMan) and leave an instant glow; and can be done regularly; rather you must qualify to be able to do a chemical peel by prepping and using proper skincare before and after the peel, planning  around your calendar, and commiting to a lifetime of SPF, spring, summer, winter, and fall. Your skin must be exercising everyday to be in shape for a chemical peel! Great analogy am I right?

So don’t look for the one product that promises everything. This isn’t about one secret, one treatment  to gorgeous skin-it’s about daily, consistent habits that over time bring wholeness to your individual beauty every single day!

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