I’m going to throw some big words at you are you ready????

Androgen dominate pills is a general term for male hormones which is testosterone and androstenedione. The main one is “the mini pill.” For any women who are more acne prone, and even for a few who aren’t, adding more androgens to your system can result in acne flare-ups by stimulating greater production of oil. The skin gets oilier, and within a few weeks, acne appears. It may also trigger a higher dead skin cell turn over rate stimulating plugged follicles…which yes, can lead to acne. An androgen based pill has less side effects than estrogen pills.

Estrogen dominant pills flood the body with more estrogen which can clear acne for many acne prone women. The synthetic estrogen in the pill causes the pituitary gland to shut down the hormones normally produced in the ovaries. Since about half of a woman’s testosterone is produced in her ovaries, the estrogen is raised and the testosterone lowers which causes less oil to be produced so the acne clears up. BUT there are other side effects that can lead to blood clotting, high blood pressure and migraine headaches, which is why some doctors are less likely to prescribe them.

If you are thinking about using birth control, you will need to choose a type of pill or other form that will cause as little harm as possible. Most women whose acne is made worse by their birth control can switch to a different type, which is why you must be informed and become your own advocate! Sometimes your doctor isn’t going to share all the types that are available for you!

There are always exceptions to taking the pill – some that aren’t supposed to make you break out – will. And those that may cause breakouts – don’t. It’s going to be a very individual reaction because synthetic hormones can vary from person to person. It’s not always going to be a sure thing! If a birth control is not working out for you, speak with your doctor about changing the dosage or switching to a different type of birth control.

The problem with using birth control to treat acne is that when you are ready to go off the pill, you may experience the symptoms all over again. It may take 3-4 months before your skin becomes oily and the acne appears but it is a real thing to be concerned about. If you are worried about future breakouts,  I would recommend starting acne treatments 90 days before going off the pill, and working with an Esthetician or Dermatologist to create a custom acne skin care regimen to prevent future breakouts. You should continue treatments for several months afterward to ease the transition!

I do want to add that anything that changes or interferes with the body’s sensitive hormonal highway maycause flare-ups! But with time the body can right itself and settle back into its own natural rhythms. But the body is so incredibly synced to the ebb and flow of hormones that pregnancy, your period, and even yearly fertility cycles, can cause acne flare-ups! (And we haven’t even brought up stress, sleep, diet, or environment yet!)

You can be proactive RIGHT NOW about hormonal breakouts whether you’re on birth control or thinking about it in the future by trying these 10 simple changes that make a B I G difference!


Work with a professional to use better skin care to target acne – Did you know we offer in-clinic AND virtual consults and we specialize in acne??

Red Light Therapy! If you’re a client you can come use our red light any time!! If you aren’t local, get yourself a Light Stim so you can do Red Light Therapy whenever you want! Check this post out for more info on the benefits of red light therapy.

Change your diet to include more plants, whole foods and less processed food!! Your gut and your skin will thank you! 

Kick the dairy, there are other alternatives for milk like coconut, almond, rice, and oat! LOVE cheese?? Try vegan cheese!

Cut out sugary foods and drinks, especially soda. Giiiirl, DROP IT LIKE IT’S HOT!

Seek treatments from your esthetician. Local? Come visit us!

It’s tempting but DON’T PICK!! Use an extractor not your hands. This will cause scarring and can spread bacteria, which means more breakouts! Pick one up in the clinic or we can mail you one!

Use an EFA(Essential Fatty Acids) supplement to balance hormonal shifts and to keep oils soft and fluid. These are better quality than your basic biotin!

Use prebiotics and probiotics, as well as zinc supplements. Our Clear Skin Formula supplement has Vitamin A and zinc along with other vitamins and minerals to help naturally keep your skin healthy!

Drink 16oz of celery juice on an empty stomach every morning before breakfast. Don’t know how to juice? Check out this post where I share how to juice, what the best juicer is, and a couple of recipes!

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