Before we answer the question of How to combat Glycation I bet you are wondering, “What is Glycation???”

Imagine a fresh hamburger patty. When the patty is uncooked, the patty is soft, pink and malleable; however, if we cook it, the patty turns brown and becomes harder and less shapeable. That browning effect comes from the proteins reacting with the sugars in the meat in a process similar to what happens in the body. That’s right, the meat gets “glycated” by the cooking process. In the body, glycation causes tissues to become harder, thicker and less shapeable.

Glycation occurs when a sugar molecule stops circulation and binds to a protein like collagen, and destroys its function.

Glycation occurs when the body’s proteins react with sugar forming a substance in the body called Advanced Glycation End or AGEs for short. While glycation is a normal process of everyday metabolism, the rate of glycation and aging is significantly increased by the standard American diet and lifestyle. It doesn’t just cause wrinkles and loss of skin suppleness, it can also cause kidney damage and failure.

The more sugar that is available, the more likely glycation is to occur. Simply decreasing the amount of sugar in the blood will decrease the amount of glycation that can occur. No other change in lifestyle will have such a dramatic effect on glycation.

Even if you don’t eat processed sugars, carbohydrates like bread, pasta, and cereals can cause glycation in the body; these carbohydrates are digested and absorbed as sugar!

Kourtney Kardashian is well known for her sugar-free stance because of it’s premature aging effects and has brought a lot of awareness to the topic. I also gave it up because of the way it made me feel, the cravings it caused, and basically the ZERO health benefits it offered me. When I studied and found it caused premature aging I was like “PEACE OUT- no more!” Now I’m not talking sugars from fruits. I’m talking straight up soda, candy, baked goods, – processed sugars and desserts.

What Can You Do to Reverse Glycation?

Cut out sugar! Slowly if you have to. But CUT IT OUT!

  • Eat more fruit!
  • Juicing celery will reduce sugar cravings
  • Take a pre AND probiotic!
  • Exercise! The more you exercise, the more sugar your body is able to burn it away. This means that there will be less sugar available to lead to glycation.
  • WEAR SPF! Sun damage on top of glycation is like throwing gas on a fire! It’s just bad! Find the sunscreen that is best for you here.
  • Start a good skin care routine that will focuses on Retin A and has exfoliating compounds.
  • Skin care treatments focused on lymphatic drainage, exfoliating and plumping the skin.
  • Take an Essential Fatty Acid supplement and also add EFAs to your diet!
  • You must stop sleeping on your face!! This also accelerates the aging process!

Glycation is, no doubt, one of the most powerful promoters of the aging process. Although we may not be able to stop it entirely, using diet, exercise, and cutting-edge supplements, we can significantly inhibit it and even reverse some of the damage caused by already existing Advanced Glycation!

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