A few years ago I found out about these and was so excited to use them! A soft mini baby blanket for my face? YES!!! Sign me up!

The idea really isn’t really new – women have been using wash cloths for years. BUT I think what makes this so appealing is the theory of saving money on cleansers and only using water with a soft microfiber towel. It also claims to remove waterproof mascara. You can buy them everywhere, Sephora and Ulta as well as Amazon.

It’s made from 100% polyester. It has a very fluffy feel with a slight drag when wet, which works by gently buffing the skin and results in a smoother, softer complexion. Basically, using a Makeup Eraser consists of just getting it wet with warm water and according to how much pressure you use, it  gently exfoliates and removes makeup.

It actually does a pretty good job! However – and this is a BIG HOWEVER: it only removes about 95% of your makeup which can leave residue inside the follicles which then leads to breakouts and a dull build up of old makeup on your skin.

You may be even tempted to scrub and tug to get your makeup off: especially the makeup on around your eyes. DO NOT DO THIS!! You really don’t want to do that on delicate skin, likewise for your face! The cloth is very soft but the scrubbing involved to remove makeup is a BIG no-no in my opinion.

I personally don’t believe that’s good for my skin- It was TOO exfoliating and left me really REALLY dry.

I think it is a GREAT idea and for the most part does work, but I don’t think it’ll be good for skin long term.

Here’s a few helpful tips if you do decide to use a makeup eraser!

– Always use a cleanser afterwards to remove that last bit of left over makeup. I recommend the cleansers from our very own LW Skincare line!! Gentle Milky Cleanser for dry skin or Gentle Foamy Cleanser for oily skin.

– Towels will stain so purchase dark towels like black or blue. 

– Towels must be washed every other day – they will start to stink and will spread bacteria! So buy a bunch!

– These can be very irritating for dry skin. Be sure to use the proper skin care to hydrate afterwards.

– Be careful with the amount of pressure you use. Soft strokes in a round motion is best to reduce pulling on delicate tissue, especially around your eyes!

Some other alternatives that I recommend to clean off your make up is: Micellar water with esthetic wipes. Or this ADORABLE pink BBT Luxe Scrubber. Both of these options will be less irritating on your skin.

What do you think of the magic “Makeup Eraser” towels? Have you tried them? 

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