The skincare secret for EVERY skin type – Hint- it’s about doubly clean skin!

Have you ever heard of Double cleansing? By now we all know the Japanese are ahead of the skin game and they were brilliant enough to realize one wash wasn’t enough! The idea behind double cleansing is to first lift the makeup, dirt and, oils from the skin. And your second cleanse uses an additional  pump of your second cleanser to wash them away!

It’s so easy!  And I promise it only takes a minute!

Let’s start with the first step – Lift Makeup, Dirt, and Oils!

Using your favorite cleanser, pump a little bit into a spa cell or Qyksonic ZOE to gently lift dirt from the skin. This is especially important for oilier skin types where sebum is over-produced! This will lift and loosen all the grime from the day! Double cleansing is also really beneficial for those who wear foundation. By clearing off the makeup with the first wash, the second cleanse will be able to do its job and lift even more residue off the skin!

Here’s a good drug store micellar water I love to use!

Second step – Wash Them Away!:

By completing the first step your cleanser can actually do its job-deeply penetrate the skin! Use a creamier cleanser the second time around; one that will provide some lather. This will prevent the build-up in the pores that can lead to acne! Dirt has already been lifted, so this is where it gets washed away. Now the skin is clean and more capable of absorbing the products that it needs.

This is our favorite pharmaceutical cleanser!

Failing to fully remove makeup, dirt, oil, and pollutants can affect aging and acne prone skin. Crazy but true! Leaving these on the skin can disturb collagen production, leading to fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity! I think it’s safe to say that cleansing well is a necessity when it comes to aging well!

Here’s a real life IG follower who put double cleansing to the test! Look at the difference!

XO Lori

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