Is it sanitary to dry your face with a towel or with a paper towel?

We spend a lot of time talking about cleansers, moisturizers, skincare products and gut issues, but what about the most sanitary way to dry our face? How many of us use the same towel to dry our face that our hubby/boyfriend/partner just wiped his balls with? Guilty?

Your towel, or paper towel, matters more than you think!

Why you should replace your towel often!

Bacteria, fungus, dead skin cells, oils and other debris can collect on your towel. This is why it’s important to not only have a separate towel set aside for drying your face, but to make sure that it stays super clean. That means you should wash or replace it with a fresh one every couple of days and keeping it in an area away from your toilet. I know that sounds so annoying and like a hassle, but trust me, you want that towel CLEAN! You don’t want 💩particles being rubbed on your face. If you’re prone to breakouts, you might want to get a fresh face towel even more frequently.

If multiple people are showering in the same bathroom, it’s difficult for towels to dry sufficiently which can cause mold and bacteria to flourish. You know that sour smell? Ya. That’s what I’m talking about…YUCK! You might want to try moving your towels out of the bathroom after you use them to hang, where they can get some fresh air and away from the possible 💩and other bacteria that can grow on your towel.

So what is the Best Way to Dry My Face?

For acne-prone skin, you should be replacing or washing your towel daily. Skin bacteria transferring back and forth between your face and the towel might be problematic if you’re prone to acne or rosacea.

Avoid contamination by doing the following:

If you don’t have a laundry bag, you can order them here!

So what about paper towels?

As far as paper towels go, they DEFINITELY are appealing! Let’s be honest, they are:

  • Easier
  • One time use
  • Disposable
  • No washing
  • Sanitary


  • It’s a little rough
  • Wasteful/more trash
  • And that’s about it!

Regardless of whether you choose bamboo, paper towels, a regular towel, just PAT your face gently. Try not to tug or push delicate skin, especially around the eyes! For great cleansers, go here……

My absolute FAVORITE facial cloths to use, are these bamboo towels! They are super soft and come in a pack to easily change out every day.

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